Cóctel solidario 2021


Ochotumbao Foundation

The Foundation of actors Dani Rovira and Clara Lago to spread their social commitment to the world

Aware of the media relevance of famous faces, actors Dani Rovira and Clara Lago, together with Daniel Solano, created the Ochotumbao Foundation: “Our primordial desire is to create a global awareness that unites efforts through the different solidarity organisations that act on the ground developing specific charitable activities”.

The Ochotumbao Foundation has three very clear lines of action: to support and make visible those projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people, the commitment to the environment and the reinforcement of the defence of animals.

Individually we cannot cope with the inequalities and growing needs of today’s world: that is why we actively collaborate to give visibility and effectiveness to all our little grains of sand.

Fundación Ochotumbao