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The Firm

Four reference markets and a team of lawyers who, with their qualifications and international experience, have contributed to the genesis of this new firm, dedicated to the provision of client consultancy on both a national and international level.

The plurinational make up of our team, consolidated over many years, makes DAUSS a firm with a specific vocation to assist German speaking clients. Along with the provision of legal consultancy services of the highest quality, we also offer a level of support and cultural understanding that is essential when it comes to doing business and investing in Spain.

Our national clients have also placed their trust in our team, recognising our international make up as a distinguishing feature that will, jointly, lead to the achievement of more distant goals.


At DAUSS we are pioneers, with a firm belief in the introduction of Lean Management for the provision of legal services and in relation to our clients.

Continuous improvement

We question everything, seeking to optimise our processes and concentrating them on those aspects that are strictly necessary, and that bring added value.

Breaking ground

We analyse the common patterns that emerge from the interaction between business activity and the legal system, to create optimum solutions, in terms of expedience and results.

“Our interest is the solution, focusing on the result.”

Work Areas

Company Law

  • Incorporation of companies, setting up branches and offices, drafting of statutes and parasocial agreements

  • Ongoing company consultancy services, including bookkeeping

  • Liability and fees for administrators and directors

Commercial Contracts & Agreements

  • Distribution, agency, manufacturing, supply and services provision agreements; general contracting conditions

  • Financial leasing, ordinary and participatory guarantees and loans

Procedural / Arbitration

  • Conflicts arising from civil and commercial contracts
  • Payment claims (small claims, exchange processes)
  • Liability actions, defective product liability
  • Actions associated with defamation, privacy and images rights
  • Company disputes
  • Unfair competition
  • Processes of implementation (national or overseas titles)
  • Implementation of personal and real warranties (mortgages, pledges, etc.);
  • Strategic consultancy in the initial stages of disputes, with regard to the choice of institutions and arbitrators, along with representation and defence throughout arbitration proceedings

Urban Development

  • Processing of urban development licences and permits

Real Estate

  • Purchasing, selling and financing of real estate properties

  • Building and leasing contracts

  • Sale & lease-back

  • Condominium ownership and Owners Associations

Intellectual Property / Data Protection

  • Consultancy on copyrights and trademarks

  • Drawing up contracts for licensing of intellectual and industrial property rights

  • Registration of trademarks and other industrial property right both in Spain and internationally

  • Data protection and electronic commerce.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Letters of intent and memorandums of understanding, confidentiality agreements

  • Legal Due Diligence

  • Company mergers and acquisitions, activity branch spin-offs, leveraged buyouts, investment agreements, joint ventures

Restructuring / Insolvency

  • Business restructuring operations, including capital increases and reductions, along with accordion operations, transformations, spin-offs and assets and liability transfers

  • Debt refinancing and restructuring

  • Winding up companies, preparation for and presentation of bankruptcy proceedings

  • Representation of creditors, administrators and others affected in bankruptcy proceedings, preparation and negotiation of insolvency agreements

Public / Administrative

  • Public contracting
  • Administrative appeals between public bodies, along with judicial complaints brought before Courts and Tribunals
  • Sanctioning procedures, allegations and appeals
  • Licences and permits, applications, processing, allegations
  • Consumption, product labelling
  • Energy
  • Transport


  • Environmental licences and permits

  • Contaminated soils


  • Inheritance planning, where there is an overseas component

  • Last wills and testaments, inheritance contracts

  • Compliance with wills and testaments and the settlement of inherited estates

  • Acts of disposal entered into during the lifetime of the assignor

Areas of Collaboration

  • Labour

  • Taxation

  • Accounting

  • Criminal and compliance


Iván Mateo Borge, LL.M.

Lawyer | Partner

Iván Mateo has successfully represented numerous clients, throughout his career, whether companies and individuals and in both the civil and commercial courts. From simple payment claims to more complex company affairs, including contractual liability and non-contractual liability, right to personal honour, inheritance law and real estate law.

Iván Mateo is an expert in litigations with an international scope and acts as a consultant on questions related to Catalan civil law and bankruptcy law. He has frequently acted on behalf of both the creditors in insolvency proceedings as well as the administrators of insolvent companies.

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Moreover, Iván Mateo is also an Arbitrator of the Barcelona Arbitration Court (Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona – TAB) and has served as a judge pro tem in the Civil Courts. He maintains close links with both educational and research institutions, lectures at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and collaborates with the Institute of Higher Learning in Law and Economics (ISDE).

Teaching and Affiliations
Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) (Civil Law).
Associate Professor at the Institute of Higher Learning in Law and Economics (ISDE)
Arbitrator of the Barcelona Arbitration Court (TAB)
Member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, German and English.

Linkedin: Iván Mateo, LL.M.


Nathalie Kühlmann, LIC. IUR.

Lawyer | Partner

As an expert in company and M&A law, Nathalie Kühlmann provides consultancy services to international companies in relation to the implementation, purchase and sale of businesses, accompanying them from the initial stages of the investment process through to completion.

In the field of international transactions a lawyer’s competence is of the utmost importance, from both a business standpoint and in linguistic and cultural terms. Due to her Swiss origins and legal training, combined with extensive experience as a working lawyer in Barcelona, Nathalie Kühlmann is especially qualified to represent the interests of her international clientele, particularly the Swiss, in Spain.

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Affiliations and Associations
DACH – European Lawyers Association
AEHS – Spanish Swiss Economic Association.
Barcelona Swiss Club.
President of the Matura Committee of the Swiss School of Barcelona.
ASA – Swiss Arbitration Association.
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, German, English, French.

Linkedin: Nathalie Kühlmann


Lara Campanario Ciaurri, LL.M.

Lawyer | Partner

Head of the Public Law area, particularly in the Department of Administrative, Regulatory and Urban Development Law, she is also actively involved in the Department of Procedural Law.

Specialising in the food sector and the Spanish and international tourism/hotel sector, along with the retail sector, she has played an active part in acquisition processes involving a number hotel complexes, industrial buildings and large-scale properties spread out across a number of different Spanish regions.

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Special mention must also be made of a constant interaction, throughout her career, with the German, English and Spanish markets, on both an idiomatic and cultural level, something that has enabled her to understand the particularities of each of these markets and to explain those differences to her clients. She has collaborated with Institute of Higher Learning in Law and Economics (ISDE), where she also teaches private international law.

Affiliations and Associations
Spanish-Austrian Association of Jurists (AHAUJ-ÖSJV).
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, German and English.

Linkedin: Lara Campanario Ciaurri, LL.M.


Uri Geigle

Lawyer | Partner

Throughout his career Uri Geigle has advised numerous clients with regard to different facets of commercial and company law. His constant curiosity has allowed him to provide his clients, who like to stress his perspicuity and his commitment to the day-to-day aspects of business, with a service that is both friendly and high quality.

Uri Geigle has successfully provided advice in relation to numerous M&A’s, financing rounds and joint-ventures at an international level, and has also demonstrated his professional solvency on the basis of consultations related to all manner of commercial, financial and guarantee contracts and agreements.

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Special mention must also be made of his legal skills in other areas, such as corporate real estate and inheritance law.

Affiliations and Associations
International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) (Corporate and M&A Commission)
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, German and English

Linkedin: Uri Geigle


Ramon M. Romeu


As a specialist in civil and commercial litigations, Ramon M. Romeu accompanies, advises and defends his clients, whether they be individuals or public entities, in those disputes that arise day-to-day, both in Spain and internationally.

Having provided advice and defended the interests of important companies and individuals, in both the Spanish and international industrial and consumer sectors, particularly in the areas of contracting and consumption, Ramon M. Romeu has built up extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation, as well as judicial complaints.

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Ramon M. Romeu graduated in Law and holds a Masters in International Law, both from the ESADE Faculty of Law, of the Ramon Llull University.

Teaching and Associations
Associate professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) (Civil Law)
ESADE Alumni
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Spanish, Catalan, English and German

Linkedin: Ramon M. Romeu


Katarzyna Chojnowska

Lawyer, Magister Prawa (Master's Degree)

Katarzyna is a Spanish lawyer of Polish origins who studied law at the Adam Mickiewicz University, in Poznań (Poland). She provides consultancy services and defends the interest of international companies in both civil and commercial court.

Previously she worked as an in-house lawyer for a number of important financial entities in the HVB and DZ Bank Groups, in Warsaw, and this allows her to apply a business point of view to any legal procedural problem that may be raised. Her qualifications, which include a Master’s in International Cooperation, from the Complutense University of Madrid, also allow her to take an in depth view of transnational transactions and business.

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Due to her multicultural background, accompanied by knowledge of several different legal systems, Katarzyna can bring a personalised and amicable focus to international clients, particularly in the case of Polish speakers, who are trying to launch their businesses on the Spanish market.

Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Languages: Spanish, Polish and English

Linkedin: Katarzyna Chojnowska


Andrea Fandos Jahrsetz


Throughout her career Andrea has defended the interests of both companies and individuals, in legal processes related to international purchase and sale contracts, as well as distribution, agency and transport contracts and agreements. Likewise, she has also provided consultancy services to individuals and companies related to questions of intellectual and industrial property, and data protection.

She has taken part in start-up financing rounds and in the drafting and assessment of commercial contracts. Over the years, Andrea Fandos has worked with clients of many different nationalities and has, as a result, developed a particular sensitivity with regard to an adequate understanding of her clients’ concerns.

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Her multi-disciplinary experience, combined with her studies at ESADE (IP & IT Masters) is a guarantee of her ability to provide her clients with an overall assessment as well as her capacity to anticipate their doubts and concerns.

ESADE Alumni
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Languages: Spanish, German, English and Catalan

Linkedin: Andrea Fandos Jahrsetz


Inna Mikhailyuk


Inna is a Spanish lawyer of Russian origins. She completed her law studies, as well as the Master’s degree in access to the practice of law, at the University of Barcelona, where she finished among the three best records of her year, complementing her legal training at the same Faculty with the Postgraduate Degree in European Private Law. She carries out her work in the civil, commercial and administrative field, advising and defending interests of companies and individuals.

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Her experience in different countries and her knowledge of other languages, especially the Russian language and its culture and social environment, allows her to interact with Russian-speaking clients directly and more closely.


Member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Russian and English

Amparo Estela Crespo


Amparo Estela studied her degree in Law at Universitat de València and currently works in the area of Civil Procedure Law, defending the interests of international clients before civil Courts.
Her previous experience in processing and handling large volume of lawsuits in two of the main national banking institutions and extensive background in other legal firms specialized in several areas (automotive, energy, telephony, among others) gives Amparo a 360-degree perspective of different law fields, which has allowed her to develop a particular understanding of the needs of each client, being more thoughtful and empathetic, generating a perfect match between the client and the lawyer.

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Her involvement in each project, as well as her proactivity, efficiency and resolving capacity gives an added value to the DAUSS team.
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)
Languages: Spanish, English and Catalan

Elena Roldán Sánchez


Elena Roldán has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and an LL.M. in Professional Legal Practice from the same University, given at the Barcelona Bar Association, and specialising in private law. Since the beginning of her professional career, Elena Roldán has advised private individuals, as well as national and foreign companies in their dispute resolution regarding civil, commercial and administrative law, both extra-judicially and before the different judicial instances. Elena Roldán’s areas of practice and specialisation include her experience in credit management, mass claims, advice in banking and commercial sector and the judicial defence in the civil and administrative spheres.

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The versatility of her fields of action and her great professional motivation brings to the work team an excellent ability to adapt and work collaborative. Stands out her capacity of analysis and strategy in the resolution of any conflict that may arise, as well as her total commitment and concern for the quality and efficiency of the service she provides to her clients.
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)
Languages: Spanish, English and Catalan
Linkedin: Elena Roldán Sánchez

Jorge Andrey Sterner


As an expert in energy law, Jorge Andrey accompanies national and international companies in due diligence and transactional (M&A) processes regarding renewable energy projects, as well as in the drafting and negotiation of EPC, O&M, AM, PPA, etc. contracts. With several years of experience advising on the regulations of the electricity sector, he also provides the necessary legal support for the creation, import and development of contracts and business models based on self-consumption, sustainable mobility or the provision of energy services.

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Jorge Andrey holds a degree in Law and Political Science from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Planning from the Technische Universität Berlin and a Postgraduate Degree in Renewable Energies from the Universitat de Barcelona. He nurtures knowledge on the legal aspects of the energy transition in articles published in specialised journals, radio programs and presentation given at various conferences. 

Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

Marc Gomà Villorbina


Marc has a degree in Law from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and an LL.M. in Professional Legal Practice from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, specialising in public and regulatory law (2018).

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His previous background in various firms specialised in administrative, urban planning and public environmental law, in addition to his time spend in the Legal Department of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya, allows him to provide a broad vision in the field of legal relations between the various public administrations and the private sector. As a member of the energy desk at DAUSS, Marc has advised national and international companies in relation to energy sector regulations and has collaborated in the drafting of reports and due diligences on regulatory affairs, urban planning and environmental law for the implementation of renewable energy projects.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English


Alejandro Yúfera


As an expert in commercial and corporate law, Alejandro Yúfera advices national and international companies in all types of commercial operations. Alejandro has worked in prestigious law firms where he has provided advice on many corporate restructuring operations, M&A, funding rounds, among others.

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In addition to his degree in law, Alejandro has a degree in economics, which allows him to provide more complete advice in the day-to-day of his clients, who highlight his professionalism and close character. Alejandro combines his work as attorney at law with his work as Professor, giving lectures in the University Master’s Degree in the Legal Profession in the International University of Catalonia (UIC). His vocation to help his clients adapting to their needs and his concern for always being legally updated, has led Alejandro to take two postgraduate courses in Compliance and to advise companies in the development of their compliance programs. Likewise, Alejandro has defended the interests of his clients before the Courts and Tribunals.


AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers (Spain National Representative)
Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)
Executive member of the Barcelona Commission in PIMEC Joves (Young catalan SME’s)

Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English


Miquel Moreno Gonzalvo


Miquel Moreno is specialized in corporate law and real estate. He advises numerous companies, both national and international, on operations and transactions (M&A), real estate deals, corporate matters and the drafting of commercial contracts.

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He has also been part of the Civil Procedure Law Department, where he has collaborated in legal proceedings of all kinds, particularly in the areas of contracting law and consumer law. 

Miquel has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and in 2019 he studied a Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession at the same university, in collaboration with the Il·lustre Col·legi de l’Advocacia de Barcelona (ICAB). Previously, he completed a European Commission Erasmus programme at the City University of London, United Kingdom, focusing specifically on the Common Law System, which allows him to provide a dynamic vision of law and a clear international perspective.

His work capacity, empathy, flexibility and his constant curiosity to broaden his knowledge make Miquel able to offer an analytical and personalised point of view when advising his clients and to be able to resolve matters quickly and effectively.  

Associations: Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and English


Ana C. Gil Gotor



Pilar Ros Brun



Zaida Reverter Gràcia


Ana Beltrán


Iolanda Cano


Sergi Gracia Pardo



Begoña Tablado Medina


Natàlia Torné Farré


Elisabet Marquès Mas


Miquel González Grima

Software Developer



Förderer der neuen Wirtschaft

Sponsor of new economy

To drop the established way of thinking. With that in mind, our founding partners in 2016 started the adventure of founding their own law firm. The goal was to build something new that has never been there before: a young and modern law firm specialized in German – Spanish legal communications, which renounces the mainstream of the long-established law firms.

After founding the firm, we met Prof. Dr. Lars Vollmer and through him we got to know is a think tank and the leading network for the new working environment and modern business management. Not only have Lars Vollmer and inspired us and showed us modern approaches, but they are also providing us with guidance through the labyrinth of the new economy’s terms and concepts (digitalization, New Work, Future Leadership, motivation and work 4.0). As “sponsor of economy”, we are furthermore provided with the possibility to constantly exchange with like-minded people.

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What is our understanding of a modern law firm?

  • Relationship with the clients: The goals and needs of our clients have to set the framework. To make that happen, we first need to know exactly what these goals and needs are. We are working very hard in order to automatize information exchange with our clients by using new technologies with the goal to achieve a virtual integration which includes different areas and levels of their companies
  • Process: We strive to standardize recurring processes and make them more efficient by using new technologies.
  • Team: A further key step was to level out hierarchies, which are rather common in law firms and form an equal team. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, each one needs to contribute and share his or her ideas. In this way, we have created a work climate that is both pleasant and highly professional. This is reflected in our employee’s motivation, as well as our firm’s success.

Schlaich slp

Energía y contract management

Schlaich slp is an experienced partner for investments and German origin entrepreneurs in Spain. Its main focus of work is the Energy Sector and all of its value chain, from strategic reasoning and decision making to day to day operations. schlaich slp is not alone but has strong alliances to provide a wide and multidisciplinary service.

Also, the firm Schlaich slp, with the help of its technical allies, is dedicated to the monitoring of long and complex contractual relations, such as the development of projects and construction contracts between Spanish and German companies. Schlaich slp represents the interests of one of the parties throughout the contractual relationship in order to manage and control risks in a forward-looking manner, to ensure a strong evidentiary position and, above all, to avoid disputes.

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It is necessary to emphasize the technical-legal approach of an experienced team. Contract Management preserves and increases the value of the ongoing project because we know that conflicts and litigation destroy value.

Together with our partners we offer the following services:

  • Strategy: Strategic advice for investors in energy projects and entrepreneurs: what can be done in the Spanish market and how to make it?
  • Development: Collaboration and support in the strategic and practical development of energy investment projects as well as in the business roll-out. + info.
  • Energy law: Legal and contractual energy support – regulation, civil-contractual, Contracting Energy, Contract and Claim Management in energy projects. + info.
  • Representation: Representation against third parties such as project partners, suppliers and the administration. + info.

Catalonia Trade & Investment


DAUSS has joined as a firm member company of the Catalonia Trade & Investment Partners Network – ACCIÓ, with the aim of continuing to offer legal services to foreign companies with activity and investment projects in Catalonia.

Catalonia Trade & Investment (CT&I) is the unit of the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) – Government of Catalonia, in charge of attracting productive foreign investment to Catalonia. With more than 35 years of experience, CT&I offers solutions at no cost, tailor-made and under strict confidentiality criteria to international companies with potential establishment projects in Catalonia. It also supports more than 8,900 foreign companies already established in Catalonia in their expansion and diversification processes.

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DAUSS, through its extensive experience in providing legal advice to international companies and investors, collaborates hand in hand with Catalonia Trade & Investment in order to promote investment in different sectors. DAUSS works as a “one stop shop” firm so that clients find a reliable law firm that adds value to their businesses.


Work with us

Our lawyers are committed to teaching and training young jurists, both in Spain and abroad.

Professional development

We offer you a vision of the international legal profession, in a multicultural environment and a cosmopolitan city that is youthful, dynamic and practical. Our partners and senior associates play an active part in the development of the professional capacities of our younger staff, identifying their potential and ensuring their evolution.

Send your Curriculum to:


We, DAUSS Law, strongly believe in the power of humanity and the great achievements one can do. We can not and most certainly do not want to turn a blind eye to the conflicts and apprehensions of the society in which we live in. For those reasons, we developed a program of collaboration with various organizations and institutions to help overcome the difficulties that exist all over the world and affect people every day in various topics such as health, education and safety.

OCHOTUMBAO FOUNDATION: The Foundation of actors Dani Rovira and Clara Lago to spread their social commitment to the world

Aware of the media relevance of famous faces, actors Dani Rovira and Clara Lago, together with Daniel Solano, created the Ochotumbao Foundation: “Our primordial desire is to create a global awareness that unites efforts through the different solidarity organisations that act on the ground developing specific charitable activities”.

The Ochotumbao Foundation has three very clear lines of action: to support and make visible those projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people, the commitment to the environment and the reinforcement of the defence of animals.

Individually we cannot cope with the inequalities and growing needs of today’s world: that is why we actively collaborate to give visibility and effectiveness to all our little grains of sand.

The members of Fundació Arrels are people who want nobody to sleep in the street. Since 1987 we have accompanied more than 14,700 homeless people on their way to autonomy, offering guidance and useful services of accommodation, food and social and health care. We have the support of 68 workers, nearly 400 volunteers and more than 5,700 members and donors who collaborate to make  #noonesleepingonthestreet possible

Get involved with Fundació Arrels

Since March, 26, 2015, Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, has been living a silent war, where indiscriminate bombings affect millions of civilians trapped under fire every day. More than 24 MILLION PEOPLE suffer what the UN has labeled as the MOST SERIOUS HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCY IN THE WORLD.

Solidarios sin Fronteras, the only Spanish NGO in Yemen, works to provide emergency assistance to Yemeni families, especially those displaced from their homes by the bombings. It also provides basic daily food in schools so that families bring their children and ensure their education, trying to protect children from child marriage (girls) and their more than likely recruitment as soldiers (boys).

At the present time, more than 2 million children do not attend school: 72% of girls are married before the age of 18 and 44.5% before the age of 15 (UNICEF, January 2019 Report); they are taken out of school, separated from their family and friends and often become slaves in their new home. They suffer physical and sexual violence, premature pregnancies, death from childbirth, etc.

More than 2,700 children have been abducted by militias to fight or to act as slaves in armed groups. The recruitment of child soldiers has increased by more than 2,500 per cent and continues to grow.

In this context, Solidarios sin Fronteras decided to start their Project Breakfasts to Educate and Protect in Yemen. The NGO distributes more than 23,000 breakfasts per month to more than 1,000 children between the ages of 6 and 16, resulting in a school attendance rate of a 100 per cent.

More information about Solidarios sin Fronteras

Link to help Solidarios sin Fronteras with their projects

Education is a powerful weapon which makes it easier for some children in Yemen to live according to their age.

Help us educate and protect these children.

See pictures of our 2019 solidarity cocktail.

Women and girls around the world have to fight against daily discrimination and violence in all aspects of their lives. Despite the all the evolution achieved, they still have to face enormous obstacles that impede the full and effective recognition of their human rights.

It is under this premise that Women’s Link Worldwide was born, an international non-profit organization formed by female lawyers, which for more than fifteen years has used the power of law to promote social change that favors the rights of women and girls, avoiding, among other things, gender discrimination and biases.

Current events show that justice and reality seem to be increasingly moving further apart when it comes to gender issues. As it happens, in Spain, cases such as “La Manada” and Juana Rivas have shaken society as a whole and, together with their growing awareness, have marked a turning point in this struggle.

In this context, Women’s Link promotes and proposes the use of law not only for getting rid of discrimination but to protect women and girls rights. In this way, it develops and implements new legal strategies that pursue the gender equality recognition at all levels (e.g. they obtained a judgement of the Spanish Supreme Court that condemned Spain to indemnify Angela Gonzalez, who lost her daughter murdered by her abuser father); advocates gender-sensitive training for justice practitioners so they can identify and eliminate biases and stereotypes; and actively participates in public debate so that discriminatory behavior against women and girls are challenged and socially rejected.

Our aspiration is to achieve a future of justice and equality in which all people, regardless of gender, can fully enjoy their rights.

¿Do you believe in equality and justice?
We do.

For more information about the organization:

If you would like to make a donation:

During this year, we have been committed to the eradication of yaws, a neglected tropical disease, with a disabling skin manifestation. Each year, yaws affects more than 100,000 children from age 5 to 15 in more than 13 endemic countries in West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

In addition to the physical impact it causes (painful ulcers, itching infections), the disease leaves emotional (stigma) and economic sequelae (mainly due to the loss of years of schooling, which limits the people suffering from emerging of poverty). Until recently, penicillin, administered as injections, was the only treatment for yaws’s disease. This has made it very difficult to sufficiently provide and cure people in remote areas and, another problem, the injections were painful for children.

In 2012, at the research platform on the island of Lihir in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Oriol Mitjà discovered that a single dose of azithromycin, dispensed as a tablet, eliminates the disease in a quick, painless and affordable way. The cost of this treatment is only   € 1 per person.

Because of that achievement, the yaws disease has now the potential to become an eradicated disease. DAUSS Law has committed to Dr. Oriol Mitjà and ISGlobal, associated with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, to help make yaws the second eradicated disease in the world and stop the suffering of so many caused by it..

Do you want to help us/as well? · Donate ( →

To this end we have fully committed ourselves to supporting the humanitarian cause of Proactiva Open Arms helping them to spread their message, aimed at the promotion of increased awareness in our society.

The NGO Proactiva Open Arms has, since 2015, been based on the island of Lesbos (Greece) where it carries out maritime rescue and lifesaving services, in response to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times, and where they maintain a permanent team of 14 people, 3 rescue boats, 4 jet skis and professional equipment, all of which has been achieved solely through donations made by ordinary people.

So far in 2016, despite the tough sea and weather conditions, over 153,000 people have reached Europe by sea, in search of asylum. According to the International Organisation for Migration, 456 people have lost their life during this crossing, which means that, since the beginning of 2016, lives are being lost at sea at the rate of 6 a day, many of them children.

All are trying to escape war, violence and persecution in their countries of origin, such as Syria, which has now entered its sixth year of armed conflict, Iraq or Afghanistan. They cross the sea, packed into precarious embarkations, wearing life-jackets, which in most cases lack any kind of floatability, at the mercy of the Turkish mafias.

In September 2015, Proactiva Open Arms started up a crowdfunding campaign aimed at achieving the necessary resources that would allow them to remain on Lesbos as long as possible.

Since their arrival on Lesbos last September they have helped 143,358 people reach the coast in safety: of these 10,273 have had to be rescued from boats sinking at sea, another 9,067 stranded below cliffs and 475 directly from the water. 

For more information:


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