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This website (henceforth the “Website”), which belongs to DAUSS Abogados, S.L.P. (henceforth, “DAUSS”), uses cookies to improve and optimise user experience. In continuation you may find detailed information regarding what cookies are, the types of cookies used on this Website, and how to disable them in your browser.

General Cookies Information

Cookies are small text files, generated by the websites that you visit, which contain session data related to your visit that can subsequently be used by the website that you visited to facilitate your next visit.

The purpose of the cookies used on the present Website are as follows:

  • To ensure that the Website is operating correctly;
  • To save your preferences, such as the language you selected;
  • To track your website experience; and
  • To collect anonymous statistical information, such as what pages you have visited or how long you have been on our Website.

The use of cookies allows us to optimise your browsing experience and adapt the information and services offered to your interests, in order to provide you with a better experience while browsing our Website.

The cookies are solely associated with an anonymous user and that user’s computer, or other device, and do not provide references that may permit the user’s personal data to be known. You may, at any time, access the configuration of your browser to modify and/or block the installation of the DAUSS Website cookies, without this preventing access to our contents. However, if you disable the cookies your browsing of the Website may not be optimum and some of the Website’s utilities may not function correctly.


By browsing our Website, or accessing our application, you accept the installation and use of our cookies.

You can withdraw previously granted consent at any time, eliminating the cookies installed in your computer, or other device, by configuring your browser options, as indicated below under the heading “Disabling or Eliminating Cookies”.

 Use of Cookies by the Provider (DAUSS)

DAUSS specifically uses cookies for the purposes indicated in continuation. Should DAUSS, at any point in the future, use other cookies in order to provide more or better services, users will be informed that such is the case.

In this sense the Website may use cookies for language personalisation, allowing for the establishing and maintenance of the language selected by the user when visiting our Website. Moreover, the Website may also use third-party cookies.

Below we indicate the different cookies used by our Website:

Cookie Purpose Operated by
qtrans_front_language used to save the language selected by the user on their last visit Own
redux_current_tab used to highlight the object or active title on the menu Own
redux_current_tab_get used to highlight the object or active title on the menu Own
viewed_cookie_policy used to remember whether the user has accepted the “Cookies Policy”, an essential cookie for website functioning. Own
wordpress_test_cookie used so that the WordPress contents manager can check whether the browser has activated the cookies Third-party
wordpress_logged_in_xxx only in use when the user is logged in to WordPress Third-party

DAUSS accepts no responsibility for the contents or veracity of the terms and conditions or privacy policies, insofar as it is the latter that determines the purpose of the treatment and use of the information collected, along with the functioning and duration of the cookies. Likewise, and pursuant to the information provided in the present DAUSS “Cookies Policy”, users can avoid the collection of this information and reject the installation of the cookies by configuring their browser.

Disabling or Eliminating Cookies

You can permit, block or eliminate cookies that have been installed in your equipment through the configuration of the browser options installed in your computer, or other device. Remember that, if you do not allow the installation of determined cookies in your browser it is possible that you will not be able to access certain sections of our Websites.

For further information about how to block the use of cookies you can visit the following links:

Informed Consent

Your use of the present Website implies your express and unequivocal consent to the use of cookies, under the terms and conditions anticipated in the present “Cookies Policy”, notwithstanding the measures for the disabling and elimination thereof that you may adopt.